:: expecting ::

I don’t know exactly what i’m expecting. I just feel really excited. It’s fun being part of a team, championing a cause that’s greater than ourselves and just knowing that God will work with and through us. Yeah, feels good.

Oh wait, in a nutshell, i expect God to help in making all things work for every plan we’re going to carry out for both the conference and evening service. I expect you to reply my email and just tell me where we’re at exactly. You can’t deny that we’ve not spoken a word for 2 weeks now. I expect you to give me a break and just let me live my student life the way i want to live it. And that is, with no regrets. I expect you to not take me for granted. I expect you to call and say hello once in awhile, just to ask how i am. I expect acts of random kindness to be done by everyone. It’s the only way to change the world.

Am i expecting too much? *shrug*


I’m tired, physically, but so terribly excited. Lols. Are you guys coming for Revolution Conference? You should. Our cause : Every student in Malaysia has the right to hear about the good news at least once. I wished someone would’ve told me about God sooner in my life. But then, He knows the whys, the whens and hows. And i guess, in more than one ways, i can’t ask for more than the life i’m already living now :)

Hey, did you guys know that The Simpsons movie is so…ooo stoopid? Funny, sure. But if i wasn’t already stoopid, i’m like, retarded now. Lols. IQ minus 10 points. Bah. Spider pig…spider pig…does whatever a spider pig does…. Help. Lols. I still love Bart (and his selfish idiosyncrasies) and Lisa (and her saxophone skills plus passion for causes greater than herself) tho. Doodles. *slaps forehead* Lols.

Craving for a java chip treat. I miss.


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