:: oh priorities ::

Gonna be a lil jonah today. (inside joke)

Not that i want to, no choice wan. Woke up friggin’ early at 6am this morning despite sleeping at 2am doing this

People do weird things in the wee hours of the morning. Hahaha. I’m officially a genius though :D With the help of Jason and Sookie. Argh. The brain itch. You guys should try it. Can come find me if cannot find answer dy. Fun in a way. Tiringly annoying when you can’t get it sometimes. 15 men on a dead men’s chest…yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Don’t understand? Yeah, don’t have to.

Lots of things coming along my way. Sometimes i wonder, can ah can ah? In Jesus’ name, CAN :D

It was our yearly ladies conference for the past 2 days. BLOOM Conference 2007, themed “Contagious!” It was great :) Had a lot of fun. Lols. Became a total bimbo by going for a makeup/grooming workshop and *learning* that there are a million things to do before you put on make up. A million things you do *while* you put on make up. And a million things you *should* do when you take it off. *laughs* Is it any wonder why i never bothered?

I’ll learn. *consoles self*

It was even *more* fun in the other workshop. How to be a domestic goddess. All right man. The art of rolling and using measuring tapes. :D Oh. Not forgetting, learning about undergarment fittings :D Practical yes yes. And the girlies got roses too! :D On contrary to what Eunice’ thinks, i DO like flowers. Occasionally. I always thought they were unnecessary. But once in a while, they make nice surprises. *hint* Have always been a white lily than a rose fan though ;)

Hey. I’ve got a cool picture.

Come.For.The.Revolution.2007. Spread.the.word. Click here.

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