:: what would you do ::

Got into an accident today. Hit a motorcyclist, on the way to the Revolution Conference.

Funny how my accidents occur when i’m on my way to church.

Lost my voice. Crying, singing, cheering and squealing. In that order.

Lost my courage. Wondering how to tell daddy-o how i got into an accident, sent the motorcyclist to the workshop, sent him to the clinic, went to church to drop my friends off, sent MY car to the workshop, go for the conference and contemplated not telling my parents at all since the car repair person did such a good job. (A huge thank you to the few in my car that helped me keep a sane mind during the entire journey to all the above places)

My conscience wouldn’t shut up. It bugged me since i came home. I’ve never lied to my parents. Kept things from them, sure, but never lied. I told them i was a Christian 3 days after i accepted Christ into my life after all. I didn’t lie about it and assumed an undercover Christian role. Why start now, right?

So i told.

And the outcome was unfavourable.

God says He’ll never leave me nor forsake me. That if my parents did, He’ll take care of me.

Why do i feel so scared then?

How to be a revolutionary like this??!

Times like these, i really DO hate being a first-gen Christian. I always wondered what it’ll be like, born into a Christian family who believed, loved and served the same good God. It’s times like these that bring me down, and cause me to consider that perhaps, i really do spend too much time in church.

But then again, if you have something good, and you KNOW it’s good, how can you let it go? If you’ve seen and tasted that God is good, how could you not be blessed? I don’t know why i get into these scrapes, but Lord, You do. And i really hope, no Lord, i BEG, that You use this as some sort of example to someone else.

There’s no way i’m going to suffer and die here if it’s not gonna mean something to someone else.

Small sigh.

It hurts when the people you live with don’t understand why you do the things you do. And the worst part, they don’t listen even when you try to tell them.


2 thoughts on “:: what would you do ::

  1. ellie!!

    someone once prayed over me that “God didn’t allow things in your life to happen just for fun”

    the testimonies of how we overcome the challenges that come our way(it’s nice to know that the enemy feels threatened by our lives!) will surely bring hope and encouragement to others who face similar problems.

    don’t be discouraged by your parents’ reactions… they will see in time, when the blindness is slowly uncovered =)

    hang in there gal… this will be YOUR Story that you will tell to future generations!

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