:: nothing is impossible ::

This weekend has certainly been interesting. Spent most of yesterday in church cause of SALT service which is Acts’ Church Leader’s Training and then, i stayed back for Teenacity Party : Freedom Fighters to help out :D It was good being mobilised although i was quite lost most of the time since there was nothing much for me to do. Lols. Felt weird sitting back and just *enjoying* the party :) But it’s all good. Oh, and i got a toy soldier too. It says, “Enlisted at Teenacity Party.” Teehee.

Spent the whole of TODAY in church. Quite literally. Studied a bit of Treasury Management in between services. Peoples, did u know Acts’ Church has an evening service? You didn’t? Now you do. Hehehhehe. It’s from 5-7pm every Sunday. So if you tell me you can’t wake up for church, this is the service you should be at ;)

It was really awesome. Our first service had 138 people. Most of which were Revolution Conference delegates. As for today, i think there were about 40 people. I *think*. It may be less, but it’s still good :) Hope to see it grow to 300 by the end of the year. Have volunteered to serve there since i’m not allowed out on weeknights, so, i’m going to maximise my weekends in church :) Best part, i come home just in time for dinner :D

Parents think i’m crazy for attending two services, but i really don’t care anymore. What they have to say, just can’t compare to the feeling of seeing people grow, seeing the opportunities of reaching out to people who don’t know Christ. Yet. And no, i’m not rebelling. I just think, if i spent 5 days a week, staying at home to study and do miserable assignments, surely my weekends can be used to be a blessing to others? I need to get fed too, y’know.

If i stay at home on a Sunday afternoon, all i do is sleep anyways. Heh. Might as well study in church right right? :D

It’s been a super long day. And i’m physically tired, naturally. Was thinking of starting my essay, but i think, i’ve done enough *work* for today. I’m gonna enjoy my sabbath. God did have one day of rest yes? I’ll worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes :) After all, His grace for me is sufficient.

I’ve been thinking so much about this message i heard by Pastor Matt Fielder from PlanetUni, Melbourne. Which is like, how CampusCity is to Acts’ Church >>> PlanetUni is to PlanetShakers. He’s a really in-your-face speaker, judging from the message i heard. And he said something really beautiful in my mind. One that i think we can all learn, take to heart…and eventually, or immediately, practice ;)

This was asked by a little girl, to her mom :

If God is so big that the world couldn’t contain Him, if He’s so huge that you cant see the beginning or the end of Him, if God is so massive that planet earth is His footstool, and yet He lives inside of me, shouldn’t people see Him bursting out of me?

I know i’m not the perfect example of a Christian. I don’t know the Old Testament much. I can’t say that i can tell you what verse is what or where at any time. I can’t say that i don’t curse or gossip or be slow to anger. I can’t say i know how to *be* like Jesus either.

But i *can* say that by His grace, i’m trying to change and be the best i can be, according to His word. And as He leads, i will follow.

And i guess, i pray, that maybe someday, people will follow me as i follow Him.

Word of the week : Nothing is impossible. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, amen? :)

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