:: isaiah 40 ::

I felt led to this passage today during devotion this morning. Tis’ true i felt discouraged, tis’ true i was growing tired and weary. I had people asking me if was fine yesterday when i *felt* fine. Maybe my outward appearance shows more than i know. Hrm. But the worst of it all, tis’ true that i feel like a survivor. Not an overcomer.

But God says, “Cry out!” And cry out i did.

These are exciting times. I have no time to grow weary and tired. But if i do, the bible is where i should go to. In the daily bread yesterday, it says we need to “spiritually decompress”. Such a canggih-fying word. But nevertheless true.

Live in simplicity. Do less, but achieve more.

“Young men may stumble and fall, but those who hope in the Lord shall renew their strength. “Isaiah 40:30-31

Note to self :

It’s not a sign of weakness, when it’s out of your control. To everything there is a reason, and a time for letting go. Things aren’t always as they seem to be, sometimes life is something you can’t see. It’s more than meets the eye :)


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