:: high on coffee ::

Yeps, it’s that time of the semester again. Been telling everyone how i’m *so* not looking forward to September. It’s a horrible school month. And you guys know i don’t drink coffee. Not much anyways. And what it does to me when i do.

Which is why i’m still wide awake on a school night at *this* time. Time : 2.00am. Wooot! I still feel rather hyper. Lols. And i plan to head to school early to do my essay too. Heehee.

Got so many things due soon that it’s scary. Am gonna type out what i have to do as a HUGE reminder :D

#1. AFW3651 mid-sem test this Wednesday.
#2. MGW2430 Assignment 1 due Friday.
#3. MW2430 Presentation next Monday.
#4. AFW2631 mid-sem test next Friday.

Not to mention, the tutorials and mini-homework that we have to do in between.

It’s gonna be an exciting two weeks! :D It’s a good time to be praying and fasting. Hehehehhee.

Run, Ellie, run! Dumdeedum.

P/S : Check this out. It’s so good, i laughed till i cried. So typically malaysian lah. You have to watch ALL the adverts, by the way. You won’t regret it! I promise :D

It’s SEPTEMBER already. BRING IT ON!!!


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