:: passing the time ::

Am sitting in the library, level 3, next to my big-big windows again. Group mates have left to their respective classes and lunch appointments, so i’m left with some “me-time”. Bored and sleepy lah.

Can’t wait to have my presentation over and done with. Once it’s over, i’ve got my AFW2631 mid-sem test to study for, a 2500-word MGW2430 report to write, and another 2500-word AFW3651 report that just had to join in the fun! Whoop-dee-doo. Monash is sick, i tell you. I can’t wait till the 1st of October for some time to *breathe*. Then again, 2 weeks after that, i’ll be having finals. Oh gawd.


I need to do well. I need to.


Dear Shi Wei,

Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday :) It’s been years, babe. And as much as i get annoyed, irritated and just drained by you sometimes, i’m still very fond of you. You’re still the little boy i call my best boy buddy. And the one i know is there when i need you :) This year’s summer holidays might not have been the best for you and i know i didn’t make that much effort to spend time with you due to my own busy-ness, but i have NOT forgotten your birthday :) Don’t think i ever will. Lols. We September babies stick together, yes? ;)

I hope you have a great one. Don’t be notty and don’t do anything i wouldn’t! ;) May you have an awesome 20th birthday. Cheer up and enjoy yourself ok!

Have a java chip on me. *hug*

Love, ellie.


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