:: busy busy ::

Oh wow. I’m surviving the week!!!

Scratch that, i’m OVERCOMING the week! *laughs* Two major assignment down, one more to go!

Saturday : Ps Andy Yeoh and Jay Loh’s Wedding. (Congratulations to the now, Mr and Mrs Andy Yeoh! Hehehehe)
Sunday : Full-day in church.
Monday : MGW2430 Asgmt due.
Tuesday : GE interview.
Wednesday : Worship practice in CC.
Thursday : CampusCity.
Friday : AFW3651 Asgmt due and Huddle (cell group) in the evening.
Saturday : SALT.
Sunday : Another full day in church.

Life’s exciting isn’t it?? Will blog more about my GE interview soon. Really thank God and all glory to Him for the fact that i was even shortlisted. My presentation was the pits but i received pretty good feedback! Even if i don’t get the internship aka a place in the Graduate Leader’s Program (GLP), it was a great experience to take home :)

Blessed week, everyone!

Oh, and a happy belated birthday to CHANG SOOK WAI! You’re my girl ;) i KNOW you enjoyed yourself at Snow Patrol. Now have a great time doing everything else! *hug*


And today, i do believe is NICHOLAS KOK’s birthday. Lols. Happy birthday, dude. Have a great one ;)


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