:: updates ::

Yes, i’ve gotten lazy.

#1. I had an awesome birthday. Thank you, everyone, for just being awesome people who MADE my birthday awesome. From the “present for every year”, to Smiggles, to chocolates that will last me months, to the java chip, to the impromptu curry-fish-head dinner, to the oversea phone calls, to the Nero Vivo’s dinner, it’s been amazing. You guys know who you are. Thank you :)

#2. I got the internship at GE! Praise God! :) Will write more about this when i have more time.

#3. I handed up a really poor excuse for an assignment on Monday. It’ll be by God’s grace if i passed it. Almost regret for handing it in on time :S

#4. I’ve undertaken tasks to last me all the way till Feb 2008. How brilliant. Lols :)

#5. Semester is ending in less than a month. So *not* prepared for finals.

#6. I’ve got this itch in my heart. The more i scratch it, the more annoyed/confused i get. I’m growing indifferent.

#7. I played lanterns this year. In SS15 playground. My kampung Subang friends got to meet my kampung ACTS friends.

#8. I joined Facebook. ‘Nuff said.

#9. Sookie and Leen says i’m fat. The weighing machine says i’ve lost weight.

#10. I hate feeling indifferent. I hate being treated indifferently too. I think i’ll go watch a movie. Or read a book. Escapism is good.

Itch. Itch. Itch.

I miss my “kaki-gatal” gang. *sad face*


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