:: sigh ::

Dear God,

Bobby’s tyre pancit. Ellie’s very sad.

Ellie got home late from huddle. Daddy’s very angry. Ellie’s grounded.

Now, Ellie’s very angry. But Ellie is supposed to be patient.

Ellie doesn’t understand why Daddy doesn’t understand.

Ellie’s tired of explaining herself.

Ellie’s just gonna study and immerse herself in the land of legal frameworks and yucky stock bonds.

Can You do something to un-ground Ellie, please? Thank you.



One thought on “:: sigh ::

  1. we are often tied down by circumstances and cannot expect everyone to understand it..bobby’s tyre pancit and ellie balik lewat,it is unforseen circumstances..daddy marah,forseen result..no point being angry now..bear with it..this is life,babe..its never easy..but doesnt need to be difficult too..

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