:: why so emo ::

Hehehehehe. I’m not really emo. I’ve just been listening to emo songs. Like, early 80’s-90’s emo songs. Hmm. I actually wrote out a nice long entry and then, firefox had to crash. Boos. McFuji has a virus. Poor baby.

I am SO bored. Like, seriously. Now that i don’t have to study anymore till well, next Feb, i actually feel lost. Even the prospects of holding Unplugged doesn’t make me *feel* busy. Nyehs.

There’s nothing to watch on TV. There’s nothing to do at home but housework and learning how to cook. Again. I haven’t done any movie-watching OR rock-climbing OR mamak-ing OR anything, really. I don’t even have the mood to read my delicious collection of new books that i was looking forward to get started on. Note the “was” in that sentence. Heh.

What are you guys all up to?

I miss having long conversations with someone. It seems that i’ve been deprived of entertaining conversations. And Justine’s buggered off to Europe already. *sadface*

The most spontaneous thing i’ve done in the past 3 days was to drive down to Bangsar with CY, Addy and Justine. We had nothing better to do. And i rarely go Bangsar. So they were doing me a favour. Note : it was my 2nd time in Bangsar. =.=”

Anyways, when we arrived, we decided to have a drink at this bar/bistro place where a man came up to us to sell peacock feathers. Apparently, peacock feathers is very effective in scaring lizards away. *solemnly*

*bursts out laughing*

I’m serious.

*laughs again*

Yeah. That’s the most spontaneous thing i’ve done in the past 3 days.

AND Y’KNOW WHAT????? I haven’t watched Stardust yet. And so many people has already!! *whine* The *old* people and the *young-er* people from Acts has already gone. Jeles.

Oh wells. I’ll catch it one of these days. This is one random post. I obviously have no mood to blog either :D

Happy Deepavali, everyone. Have a murukku. *grin*


2 thoughts on “:: why so emo ::

  1. I’ve watched Stardust,even your friend here who hardly goes to the cinema,watched it…hehe..

    and I could use some peacock feather..

  2. hahaha. seriously. peacock feathers? cicak? wanna hear a cicak joke? here goes…

    one day, mother cicak warned anak cicak : “dun go out at nite. it’s dangerous for lil kids like u.” but anak cicak decided he’d disobey his mother and he went out at nite. wen he got back, mother cicak was waiting anxiously, angry at him she sed: “i told u! why did u still disobey me?”

    wat did anak cicak say? (go figure and let me knw de next time i see u)

    anyways, de Unplugged was massive! it was amazing. good job n great team.

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