:: a brand new year ::

Gawsh, 2008 is here already.

Saying time flies is gonna be so cliched but really, time FLIES. I still remember what i did on the first day of 2007 and wow. *speechless*

Every year, i do a mini “bridget-jones-diary” entry to just keep a rough check on what i’ve done throughout the year. A good time to reflect and just really think of how much you’ve added value into your life by that one extra year. Was it spent wisely? Did you lose your days to the Bermuda triangle? Did you live during that year that has just passed you by?

Did i live in 2007?

I prayed i did :)

Just some of the things i was proud of doing this year…(in no particular order)

#1. Leading worship in CC.
#2. Being part of the campus camp committee.
#3. Getting selected to intern at GE.
#4. Leading huddle in homes.
#5. Making countless of new friends.
#6. Caring for a group of GREAT girls.
#7. Being part of different committees for different events.
#8. Stepping out of my comfort zone to do things i’ve never done before, like chairing a CC service.
#9. Understanding once and for all, that things will almost ALWAYS, never go my way.
#10. Making allowances for the faults of others and my own in love.

Every year, i make the same resolutions. And throughout the year, i would’ve failed one or two of them. This year, i pray that i’ll follow one simple rule : Honor God and help men.

I don’t have to ask for God to stretch me cause He has and will continue to do so for as long as i live.

I don’t have to worry about things that well, i shouldn’t worry about NOW, because as i make decisions based on His word, with His house as my priority, everything else in my life, be it family, friends, work and studies, i KNOW it will all fall into place.

What i learnt most this year was : If i don’t speak up or be bold about my stands, an opportunity to make a difference would just pass me by.

2007 was brilliant. And it’s going to be even more brilliant now in 2008.

Happy new year, everyone. May you guys fulfill what God has intended for you this coming year with all passion, perseverance and boldness. Amen :)

And just for the sake of it, i WILL lose weight. I will NOT keep a pigsty for a room. I will increase my quota of vege-eating. I will read 2 books a month. I will wear the skirts that i’ve bought. I will not take people that i care about for granted. Oh, and did i say i was gonna lose weight?

P/S : And i say this all the time, “….i’m always gonna be just a little bit fat.” – Bridget Jones


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