:: Updates ::

Yes, i’m a very boring person. So boring that the title on my latest post is “Updates”. Bah.

But really, just so that you guys know that i’m alive and so that i know i actually still am sparing time to blog, i’m gonna post. Whoopeedoo.

#1. I had 9 hours of sleep for each of the past 2 days, thanks to a bee-you-ti-ful day called Federal Territory Day. I love FT Day. *chants*

#2. I finally cut my hair. And guess what? I had it highlighted too. Hee. Yes, Shi Wei, i did it. After all my stands of never-ever-wanting-to-dye-my-hair-coz-everyone’s-already-done-it-and-i’m-going-to-stay-original, yes, i’ve highlighted my hair. I have bronzy streaks now, btw. *grin* Pictures to be up soon.

#3. My camera mati, thus, no pictures of new highlights yet.

#4. I went shopping!! Like, *really* shopped. For like, CLOTHES. *bimbotic grin* I got a skirt (haha!) and 2 tops. All from Promod. And half of my pay is gone. *sad-faced* But it was worth it right?? Right, Trace? Right, Cindy?

#5. I’m beginning to think that peep-toe shoes are not so aunty-ish now.

#6. I got to eat my favourite cheese-baked prawns in Overseas Restaurant today. *beams happily* I’m actually allergic to prawns but they’re just so irresistibly tasty. So if you see me with rashes tomorrow, you’ll know why. *laughs*

#7. I’m actually missing Switchfoot tonight. Hrms. And i had like 3 tickets offered to me. I think i made the right decision on staying home tonight tho. God knows when i’ll get s’more me-times :)

#8. My program in GE ends in exactly 2o days. Wow. Time *really* flies. And that’s counting weekends. *eye widens*

#9. The KTM so disgusts me. I’ve become like Michelle and started carrying hand sanitizer.

#10. I’ve got a new habit. I pick at frays. Of my jeans, of my tops, of my bags, of table cloths, etc. Hehehe :) Not proud of it, but i’ve been wondering why the frays of my jeans are so bad and then i realised, it was because of me. *dush*

*grin* I treasure my me-times. Selfish, but nevertheless, needed at times.

Oh oh! JANE LOKE IS FINALLY HOME! :D Welcome home, dearie :)


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