:: freedom ::

Yeah yeah! Sing with me, peoples!!

I can finally call my life my own again :D
Just joking. It’s never been mine. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, yes yes? :D

Anyways! I’ve FINALLY graduated from GE’s Graduate Leadership Program (GLP)! Yay yay! So HAPPY.

I think people can really tell the difference between me as a YWA and me as a campus student. I think i prefer the campus-student me :D Feel younger. And i’m turning into a hyperactive bunny again! Woohoo!


Not that GE was such a bad place to work in, it was actually really cool. In fact, i couldn’t have asked for more in terms of the experience and the exposure that i received. I’m just glad i was only there as an intern for now and not as a permanent worker. I can tell you that i’m SO not prepared for working life yet. Oh wells :) Everything in it’s time yes?

Had a LOT of fun at LUCT’s CF launch, meeting with Leen and CY, taking my huddle girls out for dinner and movie. Yeah, life’s definitely back on track now :) Praise the Lord!

Random note : Step Up 2 is SO COOL. Like, i really wish i can dance now :S *jiggles for abit and plops down with a sigh* BUT IT’S STILL SO COOL. Go watch.


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