:: the big 2-1 ::

Hey you :)

To the girl i’ve known for 14 years and still counting…

The one whom i shared books, CDs and toys…

The one who told me that skirts are not so bad after all…

The one who enlightened me that you CAN be girly…without being bimbo…

The one whom i share the same frequency…wavelengths…whatever…

The one who can finish my sentences…

The one who shares my McFlurry cravings…for no reason at all.

The one i watch “My Fair Lady” with and not be bored. Even after the millionth time.

The one whose only difference with me is that i EAT and LOVE chocolates… (you weirdo)

The one who knows my taste in boys :P

The only one who knows what my dream wedding would be like.

The one whom i made a pact with, “friendship over relationships”. Every time.

The one whom i can hang on the phone with for hours. No matter which country you’re in.

The one i know i can call and rant to, no matter how long we’ve not spoken to each other.

The one i know i can expect surprises, and yet not be surprised.

The one who amazes me with her zest for life and the craziness it entails.

The one i believe, has everything she’s ever wanted..and more :)

The one who believes in ME, whenever i’ve failed.

The one whom i’d like to call…my bestest friend. By age. By thoughts. By love.

Happy 21st birthday, sweetie. May *my* best friend in the heavens be with you even as i’m not on your special day.

Your guardian angel :)


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