:: slow fix ::

Sometimes i wonder and ponder about how God works. He just works so differently that you can’t help but do just that. And i sit and i think and i realise, i’m just a speck of nothing-ness who deserves nothing-ness and yet, He loves me so.

Pastor’s message today really got to me. About tiredness, not physically but in every other area. I’ve not been able to quiet myself down. Everything’s just been so LOUD lately that it’s so hard to catch what He’s been trying to say to me.

Just reading my previous post alone, i can sense how restless i was. How i just wanted to take off and run away for a break. I really just want to be quiet. But i just can’t. Not lately, anyway.

All those things i wanna do…those are MY quick-fix’s. Those are just temporary things that i *could* do to take my mind off things.

But God doesn’t grant them. Why?

Because when i allow Him to work in my life as i *walk* with Him, and not run, He adds value to me. He allows me to go through challenges that i may learn how to overcome them. He just doesn’t do things for OUR convenience. Or OUR wants.

Sometimes i wonder, maybe i’m just not cut out for all of these things i’m to take hold of.

Then He reminds me again, it’s not by my own strength that i do these things, it’s by His grace that is sufficient for me.

Note to self : God has a reason for every little while. Take Your time with me, Lord. Just don’t give up.


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