:: long weekend ::

It’s been a loo…oooooong weekend. Seriously.

But i realised, this is *normal*. This is what i do every week. And this is what God has called me to do for this season. How can i ask for anything more?

God pours His favor upon me so much that i seriously can’t complain. Favor with lecturers. Favor with musicians, haha. Favor with different ones that i just can’t explain la. It’s really all Him :)

Someone asked me today how i handle everything… :)

It’s God’s grace. Nothing else.

Sigh, i can only pray that you’ll understand someday…

On another note, Ellie’s got an AFW2851 test AND a poster presentation tomorrow. Both of which are undone. Whoop-dee-doo.

Pray for her. Seriously.


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