:: eye-opening ::

OA was brilliant.

I’m exhausted, but happily so :)

Highlights :

  • The 3.5 hour hike in was no joke. The 3 hour hike out was better. Somewhat. But still not a joke. *predicts that Ellie will be bedridden in the morning*
  • It was fun sleeping in the hut. Even if i *did* wake up multiple times to yelping dogs, crowing roosters at every hour and the fact that the hut moved everytime someone walked/sat/stood up.
  • OA services are awesome. The worship especially :)
  • Preaching in front of people you don’t know, in a language you only used back in your hometown, plus KIDS running all over the place, was very interesting.
  • Bathing in the river is not my cup of tea. It was a hair-standing experience. Lol. I was the only one who came out *bright* pink from head to toe.
  • Baby “lurs” (wildboar) run kids over. Literally.
  • It was weird not having to wash my hair everyday. Heck, it was weird not *bathing* everyday.
  • Sleeping bags are useful shells to hide from flying beetles.
  • My little brown boy. Ah, i miss that cute little fat face. He’s unsaved. Will have to keep praying for him :)
  • OA kids have the shortest attention span ever. I am no match for them. It was fun face-painting and nail-painting with them.
  • I didn’t get to cook for OA. But we sure had good food :D Mah Ling rocks. And you never know how welcomed a hot cup of Milo is in a cold night in the jungle.
  • A great team :) Ah, the funny moments will definitely be cherished. “What happens in OA, stays in OA….for awhile.” ;)
  • I pooped under the stars :D After half an hour of choosing the *perfect* spot.
  • I learnt how simple people outside of KL lived. I wonder how did we learn that we *cannot* survive without the latest gadgets/shoes/clothes/expensive foodstuff. Heck, you’d wonder how these people lived without toilets that don’t flush on their own. They’re just so grateful for anything and everything.

Last but not least…

  • I miss it already :(

Elder Joy was right. You’ll always feel a lil’ bit of something when you leave OA to the normal routine of *life*. I had to jump straight into assignments. Which, i can’t put it in any other way but “sucks”.

It was nice tho…living without having a phone beeping. Or a watch to tell you what time it is. It was nice being away from the lappie too. It was nice…taking it slow.

I think i speak for every other OA team and my own when i say that it’s an experience worth going for. Worth every cent, sweat and energy. And sleep too (considering how i was rushing my assignments before going).

Bottomline : I’d go again :)

Lord, break my heart for what breaks Yours. These people need You.


One thought on “:: eye-opening ::

  1. lol… yeah a great experience no? Hahah now you know why i look so forward to this. =) no worries, next time in OA you’ll have your chance to cook! hahah. bottomline : I’d go again too. =)

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