:: glorious ::

I’m feeling so drowsy. And it’s less than an hour to SALT. Lol.

Drat these medications. On the upside, its every reason to stay home and talk to myself. *laughs*

I’m not emo. Just PMS-ing.

So this is what it feels like
This is how it feels, now i’m finally smiling on the inside
This is what it looks like
This is how it looks from the outside staring in

And it’s glorious just to laugh like us
And the world will turn, it’ll never stop
Cause i’ve got nothing to hide
And we’ve got nothing to lose, oh yeah

And it’s glorious, and it’s all i see
On a day like this, you know it’s meant to be
Now i’ve got nothing to find
And i’ve got nothing to lose but you
And it’s glorious…

-Glorious-Natalie Imbruglia

Glorious days are indeed something to look forward to ya? :)

I feel like ice cream. *laughs* Yay!

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