:: the vow ::

I just read something really pretty as i sit in the library waiting for my next class. It’s from here. Style me pretty, babay! And i found out about this site through Rachel’s blog. Haha. Check her out. Super lovely photos, she has ;)

Aaaanyways, here’s a thought for you. Esp for those of you out there who are in love, and plan to get married sometime soon. *grin*

“Continue to make time and space for fun in your everyday life together – keep looking for ways to be playful, as often as you can, and laugh until you fall over. Be courageous for each other and together. Remember that small, daily personal acts of courage build a foundation to fall back upon when life gives you a choice requiring a lot of courage. Be kind to one another. Be generous in your offers to bring coffee in the morning and to give the first foot rub at night. Bring home ice cream for no reason. Hold your tongue if you are tired an cranky. And remember that we are all just doing the best we can, even if it is hard to tell sometimes. Most of all, just continue to be your wonderful selves and continue to believe in the mystery of love as it unfolds in its various forms for you over the years.”

Then the vow that they offered was…

“Do you promise to laugh until you fall over, to be courageous, to be extravagant with small kindnesses, and to trust in the mysteries of life and love as they unfold?”

Talk about sweet. Ah, i love weddings. Can’t wait for the wedding that’s coming up on the 7th! Excitings :D

In the meantime, you don’t have to marry someone to do all of the above :) Laughing until you fall over and small kindnesses can happen anytime, anywhere. God meant it to be so ;)

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