:: oh croc ::


I never thought i’d succumb to it. But i did.

Reasons why it’s worth RM169 :

  • It doesn’t have holes.
  • It fits like a glove aka a size 4.
  • This wasn’t part of their bikini-running women advertisement.
  • It’s suede.
  • It’s the last pair.

Only regret : Perhaps the ruby red would’ve been more striking.

Oh croc.


On another note, if you watch Indiana Jones without *any* expectations at all (like i did, only went coz my 8-year-old brother wanted to), you might actually enjoy it. In my opinion, Shia LaBeouf was not *that* hot in leather. Pffft. The stubble didn’t work for him either.

It was however, the perfect time-waster for a lazy Saturday afternoon :)


4 thoughts on “:: oh croc ::

  1. yay… niceee! :)

    the ruby red is nice, but this one’s really lovely too. besides, you would remind me too much of my lecturer if u had gotten the red ones coz she wears that to class so often :/

    which proves just how comfy they are!

  2. Hahaha, yeah man! It was so packed in the Crocs shop today for some reason. “Buy Crocs” day i guess :D I quite liked the ones that looked like ballet sneakers, but the smallest size they carry was a 6. Pfffft.

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