:: cabin fever ::

To whom it may concern,

I will now be absent from the blogosphere till the 23rd of June. It will take enormous willpower and super-strength to stay away from blogging. But i will try. I, Ellie Chua, hereby vow that i will not blog till after 4.30pm on 23rd June 2008.

Exam Timetable :

  • AFW2851 @ 8.30am, 11th June 2008. (seat 196)
  • AFW3121 @ 1.30pm, 16th June 2008. (seat 030)
  • AFW3841 @ 8.30am, 18th June 2008. (seat 033)
  • MGW3401 @ 1.30pm, 23rd June 2008. (seat 227)

I really don’t like exams ya. Makes me daydream more only.

Oh wells, time to tackle the mountain of notes sitting beside me.

It’s like that old saying, “Sedikit-dikit, lama-lama takde bukit!!”



To my fellow Monash-ians, all da best to you guys! ;)

P/S : Prayers and little notes/messages are truly encouraged! The occasional Oreo McFlurry (which is like, THE cure for cabin fever) would be nice too ;) Hee.


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