:: urghs ::

One word :


Second word :




Maybe i’m just not cut out for it. Then i think again, and i get more pissed at myself for saying what i just said. And then i realised that its okay, its just practice #2 and by the nineteenthousandeighthundredandfifth time, i should be a pro at it.

Miens :( I just want to crawl into a hole and reflect. But i don’t have time to do that either.

Other than that, we did brilliantly today :) We surpassed the 500-mark! How awesome is that. And i met new people who had a great time, and did not realise the many booboos. (that i made or otherwise) Aih, God’s grace is sufficient indeed. Anyways, time to look at the bigger picture.

God. I need You. Now.


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