:: please wear the face ::

3 down, 1 more to go.

2 papers were tough, today’s was ok. Can’t wait for exams to be over. I think i’d like my 2 weeks break now, thankyouverymuch :)

Today was interesting. I played a mad doctor’s assistant for my church’s announcement video. Only, i wasn’t mad, i think i was stiff. Oh wells. Experimented coke with mentos. Experiment failed. Celebrated someone special’s birthday with the rest of AYA staff and had green tea cake. Oh, and i also had brains thrown at me multiple times. The brains say, “Think.”


People don’t usually act the way they feel. The tendency is usually to hide your true emotions. Or display it all too well for people to see.

I vary between both. Depending on the situation. Unfortunately, from what i hear…,I tend to do the latter.

So little to say but so much time,
Despite my empty mouth, the words are in my mind.
Please wear the face, the one where you smile,
Because you lighten up my heart when I start to cry.

-First Love-Adele-

I don’t think that’s a good thing. Especially if you’re angry, annoyed. But i guess it’s okay if you’re happy. Don’t you agree? :)

You owe me ice cream.


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