:: undistracted be ::

I tried to catch Altered Frequency (AF) perform in Laundry Bar tonight @ 10pm. Didn’t really work out cause worship practice ended at 10pm and AF was scheduled to play at 10pm. Haha. But i drove to The Curve anyway with Sookie and we caught another band called Tokyo Blue (i think). The vocalist was like, “Phwoar.” Very strong voice, she had. Met too many Acts Church people in the bar *grin*. Lol. Like, almost every corner there was one Acts-er. Heh.


I feel like i’ve been rather distracted lately. In terms of prayer and seeking. Tak boleh tidur and all s’more. Been reading Nehemiah (again), and in verse 4:10, it speaks about “too much rubble that we couldn’t get to building the wall.” I find myself having/thinking/feeling too much clutter.

I had to ask myself about what i’ve been doing to get to this state. It seems that doing is not so much as “being”. Tiring isn’t quite the word. But oh, distractions. How willing am i to build with a trowel in one hand while my other hand grasps the sword? Sometimes, it seems the grasping of the sword is much harder than it is to build with a trowel. *guiltily* But i’m glad that God’s grace is still sufficient. And i know my greatest fear is to leave for too long.

God reminded me that the building and the grasping has to work hand in hand for the building to be what He has willed it to be. I’m just an empty vessel. With a trowel and a sword. It takes both. *reminds self again and again*

Ah, Lord, help me “undistracted be” in my following.

I’ll be taking a 6-day sabbatical out of the country next week :) Hope you guys have a blessed week ahead!

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