:: grace ::

I’ve spent most of the week fidgeting about my results. Finding things to do JUST so that i wouldn’t have to think about it. Whacking Jason and every other Monash-ian who reminds me that results were coming out today was rather entertaining tho.

I couldn’t wait for 12pm. I checked immediately after getting home from Actstream practice-recording for “The Experiment”. I’ll brief you guys on that soon!

Anyways. All i can say is, God’s grace is INDEED sufficient. I passed all my papers. Even AFW3121 which i thought was a sure-die. *breathes a sigh of relief*

I’m so happy i could burst. After all the rushing-assignments-before-OA, the cramming, the not-giving-up-serving-and-still-leading-worship-for-UFO-one-day-before-paper, i have to say that results are satisfactory indeed.

I couldn’t have done it without You. Thank You, Lord.

If not for Your goodness
If not for Your grace
I don’t know where I would be today
If not for Your kindness
I never could say
I’m still standing

If not for Your mercy
If not for Your love
I most likely would have given up
If not for your favor
I never could say
I’m still standing
But by the grace of God!

-Still Standing-Israel Houghton-

I’m 5 units away from graduating. I’m gonna take my time and make the most of it :)

Working world, you can wait.

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