:: 3R ::

Went for an audition today. For AYA’s Choir Project with Mia Palencia. If we get selected, we’d be performing for AYA Dream Malaysia Awards 2008. Click here for more info!

In passing : Went for Sunrise Jazz & Rhythm Fest 08 with Sookie, Chester, ShiWei & Addy. Bern came to join us after. Met Matt Ong there after a gazilion years of not seeing him. Hahaha. Mia did awesome as usual. The sound system didn’t do her justice tho. I also got to hear Reza Salleh perform. After always hearing his name in the blogosphere, i finally saw him live. I must say, i was not disappointed :) I do believe there’s hope for the local music industry.


Stayed in the rest of the day, mindlessly reading journals for FTV1010 and MGW3130. Tried to read a bit of Wally Lamb but decided it required too much thinking. So, i ended up watching some Hindi movie on TV3.

There’s some sort of satisfaction of knowing that there IS time to spend mindlessly doing things i’ve not done for ages. I’ve yet to watch Dark Knight tho. But from what i’ve heard from my movie kakis, i don’t think it’ll be a waste of time. Heh.

Restart. Release. Refresh.

Everyone needs to press that button once in a while. Always good to restart your machine (aka body) before it crashes on you.

It’s not enough to just go through the motions. Times when you think too much. Or felt like you’ve done more than enough. We just need to release it unto Him. Knowing that what we do, there’s a reward waiting for us up there in heaven.

I needed this. I needed a breather. I needed to not see them for awhile. I needed my time with You. I needed to refresh myself before the crazy week ahead.

Schedule :

Monday – 11-3pm : School, 7.30pm-Unknown : REVO Band Practice

Tuesday – 1-2pm : School, 7.30pm-Unknown : REVO Band Practice

Wednesday – 11-5pm : School, 7.30pm-Unknown : REVO Band Practice

Thursday – MISC work. And packing.

Friday-Monday – REVO Kota Kinabalu.

For all the times in between school and Revo KK, i bet i’d be rushing my assignments. *cheers self with pompoms* I think i need my personal cheerleader again. Come back fast-fast.

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