:: observations ::

People don’t back off when you take the first step.

Some foreign students should not assume that ALL Malaysians can’t speak English.

Free stuff (vouchers) are usually given way too close to the dateline. (ie. Dateline : 31st Aug 2008, received voucher on : 29th Aug 2008)

Sitting on the back seat of a van makes you nauseous.

Smiling really does break barriers.

Ice cream in the afternoon makes you beam.

Eating pork noodles makes you sweat. With or without the cili padi.

Red skittles taste better than all the other colors.


…i tried on my nyonya kebaya today. To see if it still fits to be worn in church this weekend in conjunction with it being Malaysia’s Independence Day (Merdeka) and Acts’ First Priority Missions Weekend. And whoop-dee-doo, it’s loose. So i tried on my sister’s instead and it fits. And then i tried on the sarongs, and discovered, “Shucks. I can’t jump or move in these. How to worship God liddat???” Not only that…there’s always the worry of degrading the culture by wearing normal shoes (read : chocolate fondue shoes) instead of my kasut manik. (they’re so old-fashioned kan? And they’re RED!!! 0.o)

And then i remembered Pr Kenneth’s impression of a Japanese kimono-ed wife who walks with her 2 feet together with silly song to boot. Ting-ting-ting-tiiiing, ting ting ting diiiiiiing.

And i decided that perhaps the Punjabi suit would work best instead. It’s not like peranakans are *that* rare anyway.



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