:: discipline ::

I find myself lacking it these few days. Especially when it comes to completing my pending 4 assignments that is due within these 2 weeks. Yes, it certainly sucks to be me. *shrug*

That was of course, with regards to managing the discipline of work.

I’m also learning the discipline of my body. Like, eating and sleeping at the right times. It was rather messed up since…well, my OA trip in April. Lols. I think i still owe Mr. Sleep a few hours. Just for the record, i had a WEEK’s worth of my green quota. My grand-aunt made some durian tempoyak and i must say, it was…ahbsolutely delicious. Even if it was an even uglier green than the usual that others have to force-feed into me.

Maybe it was the durian that helped. Hrm. *amused*

On a random note, I love Mondays. Especially when you’re not required to do anything. Like, go to school.

Thank You, God, for allowing Merdeka to be on a Sunday that we may enjoy the Monday. *grin* Staying in to read a book, lounge in front of the TV to watch Arthur & The Minimoys and taking a 2-hour afternoon nap. Ahhh…bliss indeed.

And so…the cycle begins again. Everyone, say hi to September. It’s the best month of the year ;) Really.

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