:: love on the side ::

It’s really just a mindless chickflick. This one. It’s about a girl (Eve) who pines over the town hemsem boy (Jeff) who only thinks of her as a little sister. When a hot woman (Linda) comes into town (who happens to be a lesbian), hemsem boy falls for her and competes for hot woman’s attention with Eve’s brother (Chuck). BUT, aha!, Linda is interested in Eve. Anyways, won’t give any spoilers away. It’s on StarMovies if you wanna watch it.

It’s a very simple movie. Not much substance. However, some of the lines captured me. And is producing some lingering thoughts. Happens when perception, experience and well, visual collides. Good lines in a movie is like…good lyrics in a song. They stick to you.

Jeff Sweeney: You need to find yourself a nice, decent boy.
Eve Stuckley: You’re a nice boy.
Jeff Sweeney: I know. And I feel decent around you.
Eve Stuckley: That’s what Linda says.
Jeff Sweeney: [frustrated] What’s going to happen between you and Linda anyways?
Eve Stuckley: [getting angry] I don’t know, but for once it’s nice to have someone beautiful notice me.
Jeff Sweeney: Well, you’re a nice girl.
Eve Stuckley: Nice isn’t enough.
Jeff Sweeney: Enough for what?
Eve Stuckley: Well, you, for one.

I always wondered on that one.

Eve Stuckley: I always knew that i didn’t have all that you wanted. But i also thought that just maybe, i had what you needed.
Jeff Sweeney: [remains silent]

Yep. That line’s gonna be pretty hard to beat, don’t ya think? I could go deeper into this. Like how, looks shouldn’t be everything. Or how girls genuinely believe…the person they’ve given their hearts to would accept them as they are. Or that deep down, guys just don’t know when to trust their own instincts and keep silent instead.

But i think i prefer having different ones build their own thoughts on this.

Watch this if you’re interested :)

Edited : One Happy meal with extra Hope, please. Can i have some Love on the side too? What? It costs only Faith? Wow, fantastic! ;)


One thought on “:: love on the side ::

  1. Jeff Sweeney: [remains silent]*

    *clear case where … silence IS golden. I know this bloke who wrote an all-familiar tune – “You say it best, when you say nothing at all.” Brilliant, I’d say. =P

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