:: i like shopping ::

…but i’m NOT a shopaholic.

And oddly enough, i prefer shopping for OTHERS than i do for myself. Such joy i find in buying stuff that *i* like, hoping that *they* will like it..and then! The greatest joy is the passover :D

When people LEAST expect it, give them a present.

Works all the time ;)

My theory on buying gifts : Get someone something *you* like, and they’re bound to like it too.

Step 1 : Go to a store you like.

Step 2 : Think of the person really hard and get a feel of their interest and likings.

Step 3 : Consider something that they might like, but *you* like, most of all.

Step 4 : BUY.

Why? Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. You won’t want something totally ciplak or useless when you’re buying a gift for yourself now, would ya? Pick with love, babay.

Now, who loves being Santa Clause in September? Say “aye”! :)

Disclaimer : Only use these steps if you have no clue on getting gifts. If the person outrightly told you what he or she wants, please lah. Go buy the feller that thingamajig or that gal, her bangles. Don’t go totally outer-lingam. =.=” Writer holds no responsibility if recipient of your gift, disapproves.

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