:: paulo, who? ::

I’ve bought his books to be given away as birthday pressies. And yet, I’ve never read them. Puzzling, kan? Maybe i should pick one up soon, before i get labeled as a hypocrite. But i heard his books are good. And i’ve not received any complaints so far ;)

I was just surfing the net and i came across one of his quotes :

When every day seems the same, it is because we have stopped noticing the good things that appear in our lives.

The Alchemist-Paulo Coelho-

How true. I don’t think i can complain about being bored without feeling guilty anymore.

Because if there’s *nothing* to be excited about, at least He’s there. And He gives even better quotes than Mr. Coelho. I praise Him for that.

More quotes/excerpts from Paulo that i like,

“That’s how love got lost,”  he said. “When we started laying down rules for when love should or shouldn’t appear.”

The Zahir-Paulo Coelho-

I began to Imagine how I would be like to be living right at that moment. I wanted to be happy, curious, joyful—living every moment intensely. Believing in my dreams. Able to fight for what I wanted. I observed the one I had been up until then: weak but trying to give the impression of strength. Fearful of everything but telling herself it wasn’t fear—it was wisdom of someone who knew what reality was…. Controlling and enslaving what should really be free: her emotions. Trying to judge her future loves by her past sufferings. But love is always new.

By the River Piedra, I Wept-Paulo Coelho-

All men and all women are connected by an energy which many people call love, but which is, in fact, the raw material from which the universe was built. This energy can’t be manipulated, it leads us gently forwards, it contains all we have to learn in this life. It we try to make it go in the direction we want, we end up desperate, frustrated, disillusioned, because that energy is free and wild. We could spend the rest of our life saying that we love such a person or thing, when the truth is that we are merely suffering because, instead of accepting love’s strength, we  are trying to diminish it so that it fits the world in which we imagine we live.

The Zahir-Paulo Coelho-

I’m beginning to wonder if you’re a good thing :)


3 thoughts on “:: paulo, who? ::

  1. i finally read the Alchemist a few months back, and it did live up to its reputation. Good for the soul, and even echoes some biblical principles (if i’m not mistaken, Coelho is some kinda Catholic, but he’s got some outer-lingam beliefs). However, the book was so acclaimed that when I read it, it wasn’t as spectacular as I expected it to be. But that’s not the book’s fault – it’s a fantastic book. Blame it on the hype and my unrealistic expectations :P

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