:: drat the meds ::

It’s that time of the month again, and its my once-a-month-wish-i-wasn’t-a-girl day.

5 reasons why i hate having my period :

  1. It hurts.
  2. I can’t eat ice cream. Or drink cold stuff.
  3. I can’t walk normal. Or rather, i prefer not to move at all.
  4. I have to take painkillers which knock me out a couple of hours after consumption.
  5. Did i tell you that it HURTS LIKE MAD???

Yes, i’m PMS-ing now. Be nice or i’ll bite.

3 reasons why i tolerate and take back my once-a-month-wish-i-wasn’t-a-girl day :

  1. I get to eat all the chocolates i want. It’s proven to help. They release endorphins aka happy thoughts. Or in this case, happy-er thoughts.
  2. I have reason to skip school.
  3. Looking at the big picture : I want to have babies in the future. And i’m assuming this monthly pains might/will/MUST eventually help in the preparation of labour pain. =.=”

God, why la? I’m going to turn 21 and i’m still asking why. Sigh. Why why why.


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