:: dancing queen ::

I laughed till my stomach hurts. I’m so full from pasta, peach fruit tea and spending time with The Kawans.

Thank you, for taking me out to dinner at Michaelangelo’s. For tea in Winter Warmers. And then a thoroughly enjoyable Mamma Mia movie. (i really did enjoy it, as corny as it is!) I wanted to jump and sing in the cinema! Lols.

Dancin’ where the stars go blue
Dancin’ where the evening fell
Dancin’ in my wooden shoes
In a wedding gown

Dancin’ out on 7th street
Dancin’ through the underground
Dancin’ little marionette
Are you happy now?

-When The Stars Go Blue-Tyler Hilton & Bethany Joy Lenz-

Ellie so happy :) What a lovely end to the best month of the year! *beams*

I’m seriously enjoying my much-needed holiday :) I’m looking to You, expectantly, for greater things to come.

Dear God, thanks for everything :)

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