:: just a shell ::

I never liked goodbyes. Farewells. Death.

Death sounds so final, doesn’t it? My grand-uncle passed away yesterday morning at 8.10am. We were never really *that* close, but he’s one of them old people you’d be glad to see every hometown visit cause he’s this cute old man who’d give you money and tell you to study hard. To not disappoint your parents. To remember how hard last time used to be and how much easier we *younger* ones have it now. He was like a 2nd grandfather.

I only cried when they transferred the body into the coffin. Only cause what used to have life in that body, is now a lump of flesh. And that…saddened me.

To Christians, we merely go to sleep when we die. We never truly *die* cause our souls go to heaven and the body that’s left behind is merely an empty shell. Where do unbelievers go? Saying “to hell” would be too crude. The fact is my grand-uncle is having the simplest of all Buddhist funerals due to his multi-racial children. Alas!

I don’t like funerals. But i know when i die, death wouldn’t have to be so final.

Pek Kong, you’re deeply missed by family and friends. May you rest in peace.


P/S : Will be away from Sat till Mon for the funeral. Thank you for all the prayers. You guys be good now :) Have a great weekend ahead!


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