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I blog-hopped today and was inspired by Eunice’s blatant admission to having a safety pillow. SO, i decided to do a post on 6-things-you-never-knew-about-me-or-didn’t-notice-until-i-told-you-in-this-post. Ta-da! This is gonna be fun :) Trust me.

6 Things You Never Knew About Ellie

  1. I still have MY safety pillow. No kidding. I’m not so attached to it now, but i used to bring it EVERYWHERE. Every holiday, every trip back to hometown. Thank God i didn’t go camping much :D
  2. I love siu yoke (read : roasted pork). If i had to choose between siu yoke to plain ol’ chicken rice, the lil’ porkie wins hoofs down.
  3. I do work on my bed. Yes, it ain’t good for my posture and yes, i’ve heard all those theories to keep your bed as a “place of rest”. I turned out okay, right???
  4. I have a flat thumb. You didn’t know? Awwwwww. Come see :D If you can tell me which hand before seeing it, i’ll give you a cookie.
  5. 3 things i’d be attracted to in the opposite sex : his smile, sense of humour and convictions.
  6. I have a sensitive nose. But i love perfumes. I could prolly tell what perfume you’re wearing now ;)

There you go, the 6 things you didn’t know about me ;) Told you it’d be fun. Teehee.


3 things that pop into my head often :

  1. Random songs.
  2. Ice cream.
  3. You.

Paul says, “God loves a cheerful giver.” How much He must love those who cheerfully give themselves to His dealings. I’ve got much to learn.

Billy anyone? :)


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