:: little wonders ::

More than a conqueror. Yesh. Singing 3 services is no problem :P

I have much to learn. It’s…hard…always being so self-conscious of my actions. And how they’re being interpreted. Or read. Or judged. Not that i mind…it’s just…tiring. Being the daft person i can be sometimes, i think i may need someone to thwap me on the head with a bamboo stick every time i do something stoopid.

I had a good long “think” on the drive home. On taking personal responsibility of my own dealings. Oh, little deaths. Managing my own expectations indeed!

Lord, i need Your true north. I need to know i’m heading where You want me to be.

All of my regret will wash away somehow,
But i cannot forget the way i feel right now.
In these small hours, these little wonders,
These twists & turns of fate…

-Little Wonders-Rob Thomas-

Focus, Ellie, focus. Just walk with Me.

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