:: grace ::

I have or am going to be, totally maxed out this week. 3-4 hours of sleep daily is detrimental to one’s sanity. Especially when one has to deal with kids for extended hours…i can’t imagine how i’m going to deal with my own in the future. Lol. His grace is sufficient for me.

I have or am trying…to not neglect different ones due to my busy-ness. It’s not that i want to…it’s just the fact that i have different obligations to fulfill and sometimes rest is far more exciting than a few hours of mamak talk. I wonder if i can lose friends if this carries on. And yet again, His grace is sufficient for me.

With a semester filled with more assignments than i’ve ever had before, trips for Revolution tour PLUS Revolution conference, getting involved with AYA Choir, balancing Christmas and Awards activities during exams and the weekly happening stuff that i do…i managed to pull 2 Distinctions and a pass. I praise God for His grace and mercy…that is still sufficient for me.

I’m just so amazed with You :)

For those that have suffered the wrath of my frustrations and impatience, i sincerely apologise. But heyhey, God’s grace is sufficient for you too :D


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