:: the stock-check ::

It’s the 31st of December again. And pardon the irony, but it seems as if this year flew by even faster than the years that had gone by.

And every year…i make resolutions i don’t keep. Not all of them, at least. So this  year, i’m just gonna do away with them. For the sake of my sanity. I AM however, going to do my usual Bridget-Jones stock-check.

Things i’ve done that i’m proud of : (in no particular order)

  • Being part of the amazing UFO team.
  • Being part of AYA choir.
  • Being part of Acts Kids Holiday Program.
  • Being part of OKU 2008 with Hannah Yeoh’s team.
  • Dying to self and getting made up to MC for AYA Awards.
  • Stepping forward into leading worship in church, and not shrinking back despite doing a horrendous job the first time.
  • Leading “homes” together with my awesome co-home leader, Yvonne.
  • Doing the best i’ve done in school this year.
  • Playing an angel (hehehehehe) and helping to coordinate this year’s Christmas production.

Places i’ve visited this year :

  • Hong Kong
  • Kota Kinabalu
  • Kuantan

How many books i’ve read : Thank God its most definitely more than 20.

New restaurants i’ve tried : That’s too many to count. Whetted appetites ;)

New friends i’ve made : Perhaps it’s easier to count which friends i’ve kept in touch with.

How many weddings i’ve been to : About six. Congratulations to all of you, newly-weds!

How many funerals : One.

How many boyfriends i’ve had : Nil. Praise the Lord.

Every year, my stock-check changes. I prolly need a proper template for better comparison, instead of my haphazard recollection. But hey, nobody said Bridget Jones was organised.

I’m so glad that, at least, You remain unchanged. I’ve learnt so much and done so much only by Your grace. Thank You for the family, friends, pastor’s and leaders that You’ve placed in and over my life. I do this every year, and Lord, i INVITE You into 2009 :)

Thank You for a brilliant 2008, but i’ll be expecting more. Volunteering in AYA. My absolute final semester in Monash. The transition from being a campus student to a YWA (oh, miens). The journey of life..which i have no doubt You’re gonna lead me in. Slowly..steady. I need You, more than ever, as i embrace the change that’s coming my way.

Most relationships seem so transitory,
They’re all good but not the permanent one.

-Soul Mate-Natasha Bedingfield-

As the changes come, I’m looking for permanent. You are one. But so are you.

Now that i know some people who read my blog are so amused with upper-case and lower-case Y’s, i get a kick of putting them there :D *cheekily*

I still meant it though ;)

Oh alright. I’ll have ONE resolution :

  1. I’ll try to NOT let whatever’s in my head come out of my mouth, without at LEAST, considering the consequences.  Be gone verbal diarrhoea!

There, how bout that?


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