:: on the 2nd day of new year’s ::

It’s been ages since i last updated my blog properly. As in, with pictures and stuff. That’s due to the absence of my camera. BUT, the camera is back. The photographer’s skill, on the other hand, is nothing to speak of. But still…memories yeah? :D

On the 1st day of new year’s, i spent my day with 3 lovely ladies watching Four Christmases. It was…a really short movie. Funny at certain points, overall rating : 4.5 out of 10. Watch out for the taboo scene! :D That was my favourite.

On the 2nd day of new year’s, i had lunch with a group of friends, we ate duck rice, charsiew, siu yoke, roast chicken…then it was off to some hainanese place for coffee. I bet it was the coffee’s fault when all the “childhood” stories spilt out…and i realised…i didn’t have much of a childhood! *laughs* I’ve never seen anyone getting stabbed in school, neither did i roll down the stairs in a box. Hrm. I spent my childhood reading books. I think i lived in my head.

Anyways, after that..it was THE night with The Kawans. How i’ve missed you all so :) We went to Look Out Point (near Ampang) for some KL sight-seeing and food. It was COLD. But the company was good :) All in all, the past few days of the new year have been of good things, if not more.


Sookie & CY, what’s so funny eh? :D


Roobsy & me. My blue-eyed favouritest neighbour ;)


The stretch of Kawans. There were 12 of us altogether :)


Monyet. With his chicken chop special.


One of the views.


A somewhat clearer view? I tried, okay.


KL can be quite pretty huh? :) The view reminded me of Victoria’s Peak @ Hong Kong.


Oh wells. Focus on the PEOPLE! :D


It’s been ages, Mr Liow :) Whose arm is that??? Cis.


The Boys.


The Girls.


This orange blob is Genting. Really.

Oh, and lookie what i found! :D My dad took this picture.


That’s not me. That’s… Mei, with Jane, Sookie and Chester :D Only Mei would do something like…co-MC for AYA Awards 2008. Pffft. Ellie’s wouldn’t do such a thing. No..oooooo. *laughs*

HAPPY 2009, everyone! :)

Writer’s note : No, she does not have schizophrenia. She just lives in her head too often. Her 2nd new year resolution is to go out more. And do stuff. With people. Interpret at your own discretion.

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