:: of reunions and farewells ::

Been meeting up with friends i’ve not seen in a year and more. Been also attending Siau Ying’s multiple farewells *grin* Hahahhaa, you know we love you, babe! That’s why it’s so much harder to let you go over to Aussie-land ;)


First and foremost, welcome back, Ng Yen Hou aka Yen Yen! *grin* Thanks for teman-ing me to GE and lunch ;)


From L-R : Sookie, me and Justine. We’re gonna miss you, Justine dear! Have a safe trip back to Aberdeen ;)

Some pictures of Siau Ying’s farewell in Swensen’s :)


From L-R : Charlene, Eunice & Siau Ying.


Lucas & Philip. Phil looks so funny here la :D It’s the hair, me thinks.


One of the table. Lol.


A must-have groupie ;)

Top row (L-R) : Phil, Jia Wern, BenJi, Lucas, JoelV, Jeremy Dev, Edwin

First row (L-R) : EuniceL, Siau Ying, EuniceP, Ellie, Charlene, Nic

Ah, tis’ indeed a bittersweet season. I celebrate the returns, but dread the departures. Oh wells. Guess you can’t celebrate the reunions unless someone leaves huh?


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