:: oh the fuzzies ::

Watched Bride Wars as a spur of a moment thing. Free Friday nights are a novelty indeed! Before that, was over at Chester’s place to loh yee sang and well, stuff more food into my already-gemuk self.

I dreamt about exercising last night. Seriously.

Anyways…Bride Wars is not bad. Lol. I quite enjoyed it. But be warned that it is a VERY girl show. So if you want a light-hearted movie, this is it! Kate Hudson agreed that it was a chick flick on E! Lol.

To all boys however, be warned that your girlfriends or girls who are friends that are watching with you will come out of the cinema feeling all-fuzzed-up-and-happy-and-wanting-a-Vera-Wang-dress-for-a-June-wedding-at-the-Plaza-with-her-best-friend-as-her-maid-of-honor.

“You don’t alter a Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit the Vera”.

It’s scary to think what CAN happen when something stands in between a girl and her dream wedding. And since when does the groom have no opinions whatsoever? :D *cheekily*

Girls can be such pushovers. Lol.

On a random note, i think Vera Wang dresses are very nice indeed. Think between a Romanticist and a Traditionalist.


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