:: and its glorious ::

I love holidays. Even if its just ONE day. Especially when they’re all MINE! :D

I slept in. Had a lazy good brunch with family. Spent a little time doing some admin stuff (can’t help it). Watched some TV. Watched the rain. Ate chocolates (thank you). Read Jane Austen again! Watch my brother study for his exams (hahahahaha). Oh, and Roobsy is back! I’ll be knocking on your door soon! ;)

Did i tell you i love holidays?

So this is what it feels like
This is how it feels, now I’m finally smiling on the inside
This is what it looks like
This is how it looks from the outside staring in

And it’s glorious just to laugh like us
And the world will turn, it’ll never stop
‘Cause I’ve got nothing to hide
And we’ve got nothing to lose…

-Glorious-Natalie Imbruglia-

*twirls around* I’m looking forward to what the coming days will bring! Lord, lead the way.



They’re brown and a size 3. *proudly* At 40% off. And all of you who bought converse shoes at that certain warehouse sale can go gloat elsewhere ok! Hmph. It’s not my fault that they had no shoes in my size.


One thought on “:: and its glorious ::

  1. converse shoes rock! and you got it at a size 3. so lucky! it’s so hard to find shoes at that size. sighs. i’m a size 3 too.

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