:: i tried ::

“Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit,” says the Lord Almighty. – Zechariah 4:6

I tried.

And i think i made a fool out of myself. *bangs head on table repeatedly*

Fool for You, Lord? I can only pray so.

Here’s to thicker skin. As much as i care about what people thought on how tonight’s Home went, i will ignore all jibes and move on. It’s okay to cry in public.

It’s okay…it’s okay…it’s okay. Jesus wept. Too.

Cause all You are, is all i want, always. So draw me close, in Your arms. Oh God, i wanna be with You.

I wish you were here to hear my stories. To tell me what a silly i’ve been. Laugh at and with me. And then, remind me that we’ve all been sillies, one day or another.

One thought on “:: i tried ::

  1. hi Ellie!

    i personally think you did really well at Homes on Friday. I learned a lot about the Holy Spirit! :)

    it’s alright to tear in public. it doesn’t show weakness – on the contrary, it takes courage and strength, to even share a part of your life so that others may know the goodness of God. :)

    and the best part is, you overcame and conquered – by God’s amazing grace! ;) have a blessed week Ellie! :D

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