:: amazed ::

“Amazed” by Lonestar was playing in my head…y’know how the lyrics go…

Every little thing that you do, i’m so in love with you, it just keeps getting better….

…yeah, so sweet kan. Haven’t heard it in ages. Random thought :) Haha.

Anyways, i came across this ‘short story’ in this “Tales From Shakespeare” book that i have.

“Bertram never knew how sensible the lady Helena was, else perhaps he would not have been so regardless of her; and seeing her every day, he had entirely overlooked her beauty; a face we are accustomed to see constantly, losing the effect which is caused by the first sight either of beauty or of plainness; and of her understanding it was impossible he should judge, because she felt such reverence, mixed with her love for him, that she was always silent in his presence…” – All’s Well That Ends Well, William Shakespeare

I would be pretty down-casted if i was Helena. Growing accustomed to a face, overlooking one’s ‘difference’ because its expected that you know ‘someone so well’ or because you don’t at all. I pray i won’t get to a state that i forget to appreciate others. I know little things count. You’d be amazed by how they do :) And it doesn’t even have to be in the romantic sense only.

You looked different. It’s a good thing. Wouldn’t have said it otherwise :)

It just keeps getting better…


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