:: being real ::

This week has…been challenging indeed. Won’t go into full details but, y’all know what a challenging week can be.

It drains you, wears you down. You kinda get into a situation where really, you can’t look right or left (because the people next to you might just get smite down by your dagger-stares)…BUT, it allows you to realise that you can only look UP.

I found myself at…a different, maybe deeper, state of vulnerability which i both hated and…had to re-acquaint myself with. Got a lesson today on being ‘professional’. Sometimes i might be so caught up in holding a front, i forget that i’m actually as human as everyone else. And its OKAY, to let others see that. I’m still pondering as to how much is too much. I’ll learn, i suppose. After all, this is only one of the many challenging weeks ahead.

So here i am, being as real as my blogging experience allows me to. Yes, i’m frustrated. Yes, i don’t get enough sleep. Yes, i’m dying for a change. Yes, i want to see MORE in this and that area. Yes, i need You, Holy Spirit. Not by strength nor might, but by Your Spirit.

In my life, may You be lifted high. I thank You for the ‘break’ and ‘breaking’. There are some things that i need to work on, and just…submit. Here’s to sucking it in and saying, “Your will be done”. I don’t care what others might say. Everything beautiful in His time? Definitely. Will it be as beautiful as *i* want it to be? No.

It’ll be even better than what i can ever ask or imagine.

There’s a race to run. I know what my focus and stands are. So, Mr Hearsay, i have no story to give you other than…you either ‘get’ it or you don’t.


Here’s to more Ellie’s. *cheers*


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