:: yay for extensions! ::

I just caught Mermaids on TV. I shouldn’t be watching TV at all, but…*shrug*. It’s a little on the sesat with the whole ‘religious’ side of things. But, the soundtrack. Ahhhh..i love the late 80’s/early 90’s. I mean, seriously, who listens to Cher nowadays?? Even though i’m rather selective with her songs, she certainly is one of the more ‘memorable’ singers of that era. I bet you’ve never even HEARD of “If You Wanna Be Happy” by Jimmy Soul. Hope that made you laugh :)

Point to note :

  1. AFW3331 due Friday. (extended to Monday)
  2. MGW1100 due Friday. (extended to Thursday)
  3. Send out belated birthday cards. (i’m sorry, will get to it soon!)
  4. Eat Oreo McFlurry.  (yes, it’s a to-do)
  5. Have fun at Homes! (it’s tomorrow!!)

God is SO good to me. Like, i dunno what i did to deserve it, but He is just such an awesome God :)

He ain’t no souvenir alright. He’s real :) *bounces around*

Psst. Enchanted is on right now. True love’s kiss and the likes? Lol. I could use a dosage of ‘fairytales’ right now. Pip, the chipmunk, is hilarious. *laughs*

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