:: a child like him ::

I saw a little boy in KFC Subang Parade yesterday. He was so adorable and so happy. He had this perpetual grin on his face and…i was itching to get my camera and take a picture of him. But i didn’t want his parents to think i’m some baby stalker or something.

As i observed him further…i just got to thinking at how brave he really is. He was playing at the little playground and there was a girl older than him there, sorta guarding the slide cause she was there first, and he just barged into her. Imagine, a little boy only bout 2.5 feet tall, barging into a 4 feet tall girl. It was just so funny. Kids have no sense of…self-preservation. Or fear.

I mean, there was this teeny chance of the little girl smacking the boy down. You’d be surprise at how ‘territorial’ some kids get. But…that didn’t happen. In fact, the two got together rather well despite being strangers to each other. I honestly think the ‘perpetual grin’ helped. I watched the little boy the whole time i was lining up for KFC (no, it wasn’t for me – for those of you who know my dislike for it). And i must say, i felt happy for the rest of the day. His smile was so contagious.

3 things i learnt :

  1. There’s no such thing as shame when you’re 3 years old and happy.
  2. Kids can make friends, anywhere, anytime.
  3. Have a perpetual grin or smiling face, and you’d be able to barge through anything. Including ‘taller people’.

I have to admit…i’m envious.


I felt like a little girl loose in a chocolate store when You showed me what You can give. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I’d like that, thank You :) Prepare me that i may receive it in due time.


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