:: kids say the darndest things ::

This is a conversation between me and my NINE-year-old brother, after he watched ‘The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button’ with my mom :

Bulat : Che, have you watched ‘The Curious Case of Ellie Chua’?

Me : Oy. Don’t talk nonsense. (and then out of curiosity) Why curious case?

Bulat : Cause you never grow lah.

Mom : Hahahahahahaha.

Me : (thinks to self ‘celaka punya budak kecik’) =.=

He just had to rub it in that he’s almost as tall as me now. As if it’s MY fault that i’m 5 feet tall. Hello, its in my genes ok? *mutters to self* 21 years and i’m still being teased. By my NINE-year-old brother, no less. Pfft.


Edited : I’m only proud of the fact that he came up with that all by himself. Downside : he might turn into a mini version of a certain friend who coined the term ‘zero darkness’. *the horrors* :D Just joking.


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