:: longer days ::

Don’t you think the days are longer than the nights lately?

I love the sun. Not so much the heat. But i do love the sun. I make my peace with sunshiny mornings. Its these times that i’m left by myself to be quiet. When i’m awake enough to pay attention. Dazed enough to not be bothered about the ‘cares of the world’. It’s when I let my walls crumble slowly, that more Sun can come in.


Life’s been like a carousel lately.

As fun as it is, i’m frustrated with going around in circles. Slowly. Maybe a lil’ speed might help. Or perhaps, a ‘change of tune’ on the carousel playlist. Yeah, maybe that’ll do.


Things left to do :

  1. AFW3331 Mid-sem Test [Done!]
  2. AFW3331 Individual Assignment [Progress : Completed]
  3. MGW1100 Group Assignment [Progress : 50%]
  4. MGW1100 Group Presentation [Progress : 0%]
  5. MGW1100 Final Paper on 10th June
  6. AFW3331 Final Paper on 16th June

The end of school is closer than i think it is.


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